When God Gives You Lemonade. What’s A Woman To Do?

Four weeks ago today, I fell during my daily fitness walk and dislocated both elbows and broke my forearms. In one moment, life changed for a strong independent and very busy woman. We know this can happen to any of us but how often do we rush head long through life, even our times designed for physical and mental health? I know about the importance of living in the moment but was not “in the moment” when I fell as I was thinking about everything but the walking.

Now four weeks later and half way through the initial healing process, I am beginning to recognize the gift that I have received. My life for the past forty years has been about helping others. Never in my wildest dreams had I really considered what it would be like for me not to be able to help others or not be able to take care of life’s basic needs for myself. Losing the use of both of my arms has a way on insuring you no longer take life for granted. Just touching my face or feeding myself was a chore. I can only imagine how those who have been hurt permanently must feel.

During this time I occupied myself with self-reflection, one of the life principals I teach in my book, VOICES Words From Wise Women and discussed often as part of my coaching practice. Self-reflection is so critical to career and life success, and yet I had neglected to implement it myself on an annual basis. Too busy helping others, I guess. This is a problem for many women; too busy to help themselves.

What a gift the fall was as now I have spent four weeks reflecting about where I traveled in life and setting goals about where I still want to go. I understand again how even the teacher must slow down to in order to be more effective. Why did it take an unfortunate fall to bring me back to what is critical, reflection on our blessings?

I am giving myself a break and counting us all human. So when, as they say life gives you lemonade, make sure you take the time to understand the problem and how you got there, and then develop a plan to move forward. Many of the most poignant success stories in life come from people who have “fallen” down more than once but continued to get up to move forward again.

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